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About Us

The contest MISS PERÚ CT 2019, is an event that enhances the identity of Peruvian women through a contest where their sympathy, intelligence, education, elegance, charisma and beauty find the perfect scenario to shine and show the world.

Below we present the bases, rules of admission, conditions of disqualification. the rights and obligations to apply for the title of "MISS PERÚ CT 2019".

Terms & Conditions


Always respecting the equality of conditions and defending the universality of the contestants, discloses the requirements required to qualify in the selection process.

Age between 18 and 28 years.

In case of not reaching the age of majority (minimum 17 years) or according to the category, the parent or guardian must sign an authorization to participate.

Time availability.

It must represent a city in the contest.

Sense of responsibility with scheduled schedules and activities.

Being a queen of beauty requires, in addition to these formalities, special conditions in the profile of the contestant, related to his personality, such as:

Have a natural, fresh and charming smile at all times.

A strong, marked and strong self-esteem to know how to receive and interpret both positive and negative criticism.

Endurance capacity for long hours of runway testing and strong exercise routines.

Maintain their sentimental and personal life outside the context of work.

Know how to handle and accept suggestions regarding the use of clothing and other attire.

Once chosen Miss Peru CT, the winner and her respective substitute, must comply additionally with these requirements.

check  Availability to participate and be able to be elected at MISS PERU CT USA, committing itself to all the activities that are generated from this election.

check  MISS PERU CT compliance to be supplanted, in case of not being able to comply with an event, by its substitute.


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